How to Maintain Your Home Air Conditioner Properly


Not only the comfort in the room, but also the health of people depends on the efficient operation of the air conditioner. It is important to know which principles of its maintenance are useful, and which ones can be safely abandoned.

Air conditioner is an indispensable assistant for people. But we should not forget that, like any other kind of equipment, an air conditioner requires attention. It is regular and, most importantly, correct cleaning and maintenance process that will allow the device to fulfill its original purpose correctly and efficiently.

What do I need to know for proper air conditioner maintenance?

Depending on the frequency, maintenance can be divided into three main types:

  • Standard air conditioner maintenance, which is recommended to be done once a year, most often in the spring. First, the diagnostics of the air conditioner is carried out, checking the operability of elements and systems. Freon pressure, inlet and outlet temperature difference, etc. are also checked. In the course of maintenance the filters of the internal block are cleaned and/or replaced;
  • Seasonal maintenance of air conditioners is carried out, as a rule, twice a year. Before the start of the season – in spring, and at the end of the period of active use – in fall;
  • Extended – recommended for units that are constantly on. Inspection, diagnostics and cleaning are carried out according to the schedule.

Service maintenance of air conditioners differs from warranty maintenance of air conditioners by the fact that it is carried out rather for preventive purposes, while warranty maintenance of air conditioners is carried out after the breakdown of the equipment and implies the call of a master, repair works, as well as replacement of faulty parts.

How to properly clean the air conditioner

Often air filters can accumulate dust inside, so you should not neglect cleaning of the air conditioner. If you look under the cover of the split-system internal unit, which has worked for several months, most likely you will see flakes of dust on the radiator grate and on the fan. This not only reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner and increases its energy consumption, but also leads to the fact that previously delayed dust particles and multiplied bacteria are again in the air.

Frequency of air conditioner maintenance directly depends on the frequency and conditions of its use. In each case the cost is calculated separately, because the maintenance of the air conditioner by professionals consists of a complex of works and includes three important procedures – cleaning, diagnostics and prevention, which includes:

  • washing of the external unit (steam generator or sink is used);
  • cleaning of devices and systems of the internal unit with mandatory removal of the protective casing;
  • treatment with disinfectant solution (if necessary, to be agreed additionally);
  • checking of the electric motor, output louvers, tightness of the refrigerant circuit connections; inspection of the drainage system;
  • Freon refilling, if necessary;
  • checking the operation of the device in all modes, adjustment of the control panel and consulting the user to optimize the settings of use.

You should not forget about cleaning of filters – the main stage in air conditioner maintenance

Every owner of such equipment should be able to clean filters of the climatic equipment correctly, it is with this stage that the service maintenance of air conditioners begins. This part is designed to catch even the smallest particles of dirt and dust, which are constantly present in the air. That is why the filter is the most contaminated, and it is it that needs constant and most thorough cleaning.

Ideally, the filter should be cleaned several times a week, along with general cleaning of the room. However, the frequency of such event may vary depending on the frequency of operation of the climatic device itself.

  • You can clean the air conditioner yourself with the same vacuum cleaner.
  • Periodically it is still better to clean the filter manually. However, it is not recommended to do it too roughly, otherwise it may break.
  • After rinsing the filter, it is not necessary to put it back into the air conditioner immediately. It should dry out well first.

Each air conditioner model has its own specific design features and maintenance rules. That is why it is better to look through the air conditioner manual, which is provided together with the climatic device. It is in it that everyone will find specific and practical recommendations that will help to carry out independent cleaning as competently as possible.